PS5 price and pre-orders: what we know about the PlayStation 5 cost and when you can buy it

We’re still in the dark about the PS5 price, but recent rumors suggest that we may get a PS5 pricing reveal in August. While Sony hasn’t confirmed this, reports that the company is amping up its production – and a dwindling timeline to secure the early adopter market  – means your PS5 pre-order could be around the corner.

In the meantime, dozens of news stories have emerged with ‘PS5 price leak’ in the title, and most of them are immediately easy to dispel as false. Even though we don’t know the official PS5 price yet, we’re starting to get an idea of the cost based on what we know about the console’s capabilities and the PS5 games we know we’ll be playing.

We also know that not one, but two versions of the console are coming. Alongside the standard console, there will also be a PS5 Digital, which is the first PlayStation console with no disc drive. While we expect the PS5 price to be cheaper on this version of the hardware, Sony hasn’t revealed how much either console will cost.

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